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Step 1: Choose Your Style and Print

Step 1: Choose Your Style and Print

Photo into painting is proud to offer two unique styles of paintings printed on a variety of fine art papers and canvases. In addition we offer stylized profile portraits to be used on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Digg to name a few. Your finished stylized portrait will be delivered to you via email in .jpg format, ready to upload to your profile.

So what style to choose?

Some photographs lend themselves quite well to a particular style of painting. If the style and composition of the photograph is very loose and airy, it may look best painted as a watercolor printed on fine art paper. On the other hand, if you’re going for a formal, high-end, traditional portrait look, you’ll most likely want to make the finished product look like an oil painting. The best presentation for this style is a gallery wrap canvas.

By no means are these guidelines solid. These are general guiding principles that we use when deciding how to approach a project. Please feel free to email your images to us, and I will be happy to help you decide which style to choose.

So why digital painting?

Unlike traditional media, painting digitally allows the artist to mix and combine media that could never be combined with their traditional counterparts–for example, you can literally mix oil (paint) and water (color).

Fine Art Products

Our Fine Art products are printed with large format inkjet printers on several unique materials – Fine Art Paper, Fine Art Canvas and Gallery Wrap Canvas. The Fine Art Paper, Canvas and Gallery Wraps are a great way to showcase a more artistic style with impressionistic artwork, like oil and watercolor.

Fine Art Paper

Fine Art Paper

Fine Art Paper

Fine Art paper is similar in look and feel to watercolor paper, and it is a great alternative for fiber-based printing. This paper is more fragile than traditional photographic prints and must be handled and displayed with care. Standard sizes range from 11×14 to 30×40.

Gallery Wraps

Our Gallery Wraps offer a striking way to present your paintings. We print your paintings on a special canvas material and wrap it completely around the 1.5″ or 2.5″ stretcher bar. The outer edges of the stretcher bar are covered with the image, making your artwork ready to hang on the wall with no frames needed. Standard sizes range from 11×14 to 30×40.

Fine Art Canvas

Fine Art Canvas

Fine Art Canvas

We print directly on our Fine Art Canvas material, an industry standard. Canvas sizes range from
11×14 to 30×40.

Stylized Profile Portraits

Our stylized Facebook profile portraits are a unique way to create and build your online identity. Using the latest vector illustration techniques, Photo Into Painting creates a realistic 500 x 500 pixel digital representation of yourself. Once you receive your .jpg file, you will be able to upload your image to all of your favorite online social media networks.

Everyone has an online picture of themselves, why not stand out from the crowd with a unique work of digital art.

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