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Photography Tips Introduction

Photography Tips Introduction


Welcome to Photo Into Painting’s Photography Tips Corner! Over the coming weeks and months I hope to share with you my knowledge, expertise and research into the wonderful world of photography. I invite amateurs, hobbyists and professional photographers to share their knowledge and resources with the community. No matter your age or skill level we can all learn from each other. My hopes with this blog is to help clients capture the perfect photograph to transform into one of my unique paintings.

My professional artistic career began with photography over fourteen years ago, and it was love at first click. The human form and expressive qualities of the eyes fascinates me. The emotional roller coaster of both capturing and not capturing your intended results is a powerful experience. The absolute high of feeling the universe align perfectly before your eyes and releasing the shutter is amazing.

The ability to read your subject and capture a fleeting moment in time and space is magic. Photography, when things go right, brings you to a Zen like state–one that allows you to read the world around you and affords you the opportunity to anticipate the next shot. Though when things go wrong , such as an oversight of a tiny detail at a critical moment, it is crushing. Especially if that moment is gone forever–ouch! Don’t fret; these things happen–equipment malfunctions, lighting doesn’t always cooperate. The best you can do is pick up your camera and have at it again. Learn from those mistakes and take this new found wisdom with you on your next photo shoot.

My first tip is to shoot–a lot! In the grand scheme of things film and memory cards are cheap–in comparison to missing that all important shot. Burn through them like your life depends on it. Have fun! You will learn so much from yourself post production. Also don’t trash your old cameras, either donate them or instead stage them in easy to reach places so that you can be ready in an instant. You never know when that perfect moment will show her head.

In closing, simply get out and enjoy yourself. Take photographs of everything, play and have fun. The world is a beautiful and mysterious place. Pictures are truly worth more than a thousand words and complex ideas and emotions can be expressed beautifully with photography.

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  1. Joesph Gwenn says:

    Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :)

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