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Oil Portrait Painting: He’s a Big Boy Now!

Oil Portrait Painting: He’s a Big Boy Now!

Walking home from the park one day, the parents of this beautiful two year old boy captured him in this pose. The mother told me that she asked her son to put his hands in his pocket, strike a pose and wallah! What a fun picture and perfect model! Kids are so fun and are always amazing parents.

The mom requested I change the street and curb into grass and remove some of the distracting elements. Using various digital chalks, oils, sponges, paper textures and highlighters, I was able to produce this beautiful oil portrait.Finished Oil Painting

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  1. Jamie says:

    Superbly captured and amazingly manipulated. Your site is not just a pleasure to visit and look through, but lessons are learned and ideas picked up everytime I take a look. Fantastic talent you have and it has inspired not just me but many others who have had the pleasure of looking through your work Thank you for sharing it with us all here on the world wide web.

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