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How To Replace Your Digital Backdrops for your Digital Portrait Photography

How To Replace Your Digital Backdrops for your Digital Portrait Photography

The following video tutorial shows how to replace your digital backdrops for your still life and digital portrait photography using Adobe Photoshop.

Monday I was happy to share with you 6 free digital backgrounds that you can use for personal and/or commercial purposes. Today I want to share with you a great, easy to follow video tutorial that demonstrates how to extract your subject from a background and place on a new backdrop.

While working with the video, I encourage you to keep in mind that these techniques work best when your backdrop is solid and of high contrast from the subject. Every image is different and each will require it’s own troubleshooting rules. This is one of the many reasons why I love digital art and Adobe Photoshop so much. No two projects are every really the same!

The image above was created with the techniques discussed in the video using one of my digital backgrounds and an image from that can be found here.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy the video!

So what did you think about the video tutorial? If you worked along with the video, I would love to see your final results!

8 Responses to “How To Replace Your Digital Backdrops for your Digital Portrait Photography”

  1. Ambros says:

    Wow! this tutorial was great, i have changed backgrounds using different tecnics but this is new for me. Thank you for sharing. Have a great life.

  2. I’m looking for themes on my blog I am just starting. Do you think this type of theme would work for my photography blog?

    • Jason Marti says:

      The theme I am using was originally designed to be a photo blog , but I have since modified the theme to suit my needs. Woo Themes is a great site that offers top notch designs and support. They also offer many themes designed specifically for photographers. Check them out .

  3. Don says:

    Amazing tutorial. I didn’t realize how detailed you can get while erasing the background. I totally enjoyed the video. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Jason Marti says:

      you are welcome Don! The amazing thing that I love most about Photoshop is how detailed you can get creating any element within Photoshop. The program allows you to give or take whatever degree that you feel is needed in order to create the perfect image. Have fun and feel free to share with us.

  4. Bruce Dynes says:

    Great tutorial. I have struggled with the wispy hairs and this should end my frustration.

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