Retouching a Portrait Using Selective Color

Recently I received a number of emails asking how to change the color of a background without effecting the subject. Now although there is no easy answer due to the fact every image has its own requirements, I figured I would just show a simple example of a technique most commonly called “selective color” using a layer mask and a black & white layer adjustment in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

10 Examples of How to Use High Res Textures in Your Designs

Textures are all around us. We feel them when walking barefoot across a plush carpet and see them when gazing upon a jagged hillside. Each one provokes a mental and physical response different from the next. In design you can easily add richness and dimension to your work with high res textures, separating your work from the crowd.

How to Make a Creative Facebook Profile Photo

Today I want to share with you a technique for making a creative Facebook Profile Photo in Adobe Photoshop. Facebook uses a consistent color scheme and layout throughout the site which is great for usability and overall appearance, but it limits your ability to visually express yourself within your profile page.

How To Replace Your Digital Backdrops for your Digital Portrait Photography

The following video tutorial shows how to replace your digital backdrops for your still life and digital portrait photography using Adobe Photoshop.

Baby First Year Photography Tips

Baby First Year Photography Tips: Children develop so fast during the first year of life and documenting these developmental changes is so important. Typically these monumental changes take place about every 3-4 months and the window of opportunity closes fast. So simply mark your calendar and be ready to be amazed!

How to capture the perfect baby portrait?

Photographing babies is an extremely fun and challenging endeavor. It is quite possible that baby photographs are the most treasured memento in any families’ possession. There is an immense joy to capturing this age of innocence. Bright eyes and broad gummy toothed smiles warms the heart and can fill the viewer with joyous tears. During [...]

Photography Tips Introduction

Introduction Welcome to Photo Into Painting’s Photography Tips Corner! Over the coming weeks and months I hope to share with you my knowledge, expertise and research into the wonderful world of photography. I invite amateurs, hobbyists and professional photographers to share their knowledge and resources with the community. No matter your age or skill level [...]

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