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10 Examples of How to Use High Res Textures in Your Designs

10 Examples of How to Use High Res Textures in Your Designs

Textures are all around us. We feel them when walking barefoot across a plush carpet and see them when gazing upon a jagged hillside. Each one provokes a mental and physical response different from the next. In design you can easily add richness and dimension to your work with high res textures, separating your work from the crowd.

  • Textures in web design– In web design, textures are so versatile because they can be used in all elements of CSS and layout design. Depending on your audience and mission, you can use textures in all aspects of┬áheader, footer, sidebar, content and background design.
    Textures In Modern Web Design (Smashing Magazine)
  • Textures in photography– By adding a texture to a photograph using an image editing program like Photoshop, you can easily give your image a “vintage” or completely distressed look. Be careful not to go overboard with your textures, not every image will benefit, but a little goes a long way and can add big impact to your photography work.
    The Inspiring Textures Gallery (Flickr)
  • Textures as brushes– Most every image editing software allows you to create your own custom brush set. Making your own set of brushes out of textures will grantee your work Will have a unique style.
    Free High Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Texture (Bittbox)
  • Textures in textures– By using multiple textures and different blend modes in Photoshop, you are able to create a limitless library of textures to use in any of your projects. There are many advantages to creating your own textures, like speeding up your production work.
    36 Cool Free Textures (Abduzeedo)
  • Textures as patterns– Photoshop patterns are versatile and powerful. They can be used as seamless pixel fills, as a pattern stamp tool, fill layers, and layer styles to name a few. Seamless patterns are by far the most sought after due to the skill required to create them. Web designers love seamless patterns because they can be placed as a background element and not display the dreaded and very distracting seam.
    Textures and Patterns Design Showcase (Smashing Magazine)
  • Textures in typography– Textures in your typography, graphic and logo design can change the mood of your work and even the way people read the design.
    Watercolor Typography in Photoshop (Texture Lovers)
  • Textures in abstract designs– By using a variety of textures, filters, brushes and lighting effects, you can create some beautiful abstract designs and wallpapers simply with textures alone.
    Tuesday Total Textures #12 (Abduzeedo)
  • Textures in backgrounds– As a digital painter, I use a lot of textures in my backgrounds and have both sold and given away a few. Removing a subject from a distracting background is a great way to place the emphasis where it belongs–the main subject.
    Digital Backgrounds (Photo Into Painting)
  • Textures as papers — The ability to create papers from textures is one of my favorite features in Corel Painter. Just like in traditional media, your choice in substrate can greatly enhance your Corel Painter projects.
    Wood Grain Paper Textures For Corel Painter (Photo Into Painting)
  • Textures in digital scrapbooking– Another big community that uses high res textures are digital scrapbookers. I’ve seen them used as full page layouts, edging effects, paper creation, and accenting photographs, to name a few.
    Scrapbook (flickr)

By no means is this an exhaustive list. There are countless ways in which high res textures can be used and created. As an element of design, texture can add impact and your bring designs to life through variation and relief. They are fun to create and even more fun to use. Please share your thoughts on how else you use high res textures.

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